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Pickleball has become the largest growing paddle sport in America and is continuing to draw people from all age groups.

The popularity of the game is continuously drawing more and more Seniors.  Additionally, people of all ages are finding the game fun & easy to learn.

  Check out one of the Senior Game matches from last year:


The game of pickleball is addictive and as such, many people throw caution and common sense by the wayside by not taking precautions to avoid injuries.

Simple steps like stretching before a match, staying hydrated and wearing the proper court shoes can go a long way to help you prevent injuries and stay in the game.

On the following pages, you will find preventative measures along with remedies for the most common pickleball injuries.

I have tried a number of the available braces & currently wear a knee brace every time I play.  My knee hurts just enough to let me know that I have to take care of it, and the knee brace allows me to keep playing.

Play safe & stay in the game.  A minute or two of preparation is a lot better than a week or two on the sidelines.


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